Loikaw, the home land of Kayah

Kayah is beautiful mountains and numerous tribes; at least eight ethnic groups living in the state. Among them are the Padaung, Yinbaw, Bre and majority Kayah. Many ethnic groups live in harmony. A very unique feature of this state is Padaung Women (Giraffe Women) whose necks are elongated with layers of brass rings.

 The Kayahs are a mix of animists, Christians and Bouddhists. The region’s most famous religious festival is the Kuhtoboo in May, which celebrates the rain sprits. The inhabitants are mostly Kayah also known as Karenni. Kayah state is one of the smallest in Myanmar; it has a population of about 26,000 and it is located near the State’s northern tip, at an elevation of 1200 meters. And it is situated about 130 miles south-east of Kalaw (~ 5 hours drive from Kalaw).

Myanmar’s largest hydropower plant is located 20 km east of Loikaw at Lawpita Falls and named as Lawpita Hydropower Plant. It is the main electric power source in Myanmar.

The beauty and pleasant surroundings of the Hydropower Plant and the Bilu Chaung fall are not far off although off limits for tourists. Taungwe Taung Zedi (pagoda) is the most venerated pagoda in Kayah State. Taungwe meaning “Separated hills” in Myanmar. The Kinnare Bird is the national symbol of the Kayah State.

 Getting there:

  • Yangon⇔Loikaw : Flight ( 1hour), Private Coach ( 9 hours)
  • Loikaw⇔ Inle : Inle to Phe Khon (6 hours ) by boat & Phe Khon to Loikaw 1 hour by Private Coach.
  • Loikaw⇔ Taunggyi : 3 Hours by Private Coach.

Flight Schedule of Myanmar National Airlines (UB) Operates daily 

  • UB 129 Yangon to Loikaw 0730:0830 
  • UB 130 Loikaw to Yangon 0845:0945 

 Flight Schedule of Air KBZ (K7) Operates on Monday, Wednesday & Friday

  • K7 442 Yangon to Loikaw 0600:0700
  • K7 443 Loikaw to Yangon 0715:0815

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